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AAMI Foundation is one of several entities, which are united under AAMI Corporation. The purpose and mission of this establishment is primarily to help young and evolving artists to present themselves at the art market and start making business with their talent and grit.

Because we are very familiar with the fact, that art is a tough business to succeed in, we have found several ways of helping artists and organisations, which are struggling to achieve a break-through in the art industry.

Foundation President, Miha Murn at Annual Christmas Gala BSCC in London
One of our artists painting at Rotary charity event at Ljubljana airport

Free participation at AAMI exhibitons

Over the course of 4 years since Institute AAMI was founded, we have helped numerous artists present their talent at AAMI exhibitions in Slovenia and abroad – free of charge. As we know, exhibitions are probably the most dominant way of artist self-presentation and therefore we are occasionally helping selected artists to participate in exhibitions, which would often be too costly for them.

Free promotion in AAMI publications

Official exhibition catalogues are issued by Institute AAMI along with almost every exhibition and project, which we organize. Being published in a catalogue is a great way for artists to present themselves as well as their artworks to a wider audience. As Institute AAMI has started issuing a newspaper – AAMI Times, we will continue promoting selected artists there as well – free of charge of course. Until today, AAMI has published several presentations of aspiring artists in our publications as a sign of help and support.

Buying artworks for collection

Promotion and publishing is considered a Sysiphean task if it doesn`t lead to the main goal – sales of artworks. Therefore along with helping artists promote themselves, we are also buying their artworks, especially from the artists, where we see much potential and which we evaluate as prosperous. Until now, we have bought more than 200 artworks from AAMI artists, which we keep in Atelje Art Murn International private collection.

AAMI corporation charity

AAMI has been very active on the field of charity and humanitarian actions. We have been collaborating closely with the Rotary Clubs in Slovenia in the sense of printing and designing publications for their charity events and projects. Numerous times, AAMI has participated with our artworks at charity auctions or events, organized by Rotary clubs, Lions clubs, Rotaract clubs, Interact clubs, Bled Water festival etc. We have donated artworks to ABC Accelerator, Toronto Business Academy, Embassy of Kazakhstan in Vienna, Embassy of Japan in Ljubljana, Embassy of Venezuela in Ljubljana, TIA Summit Bangalore, Slovenian consulate in Netherlands, Šestka shopping centre in Prague, The Trump Organisation, Slovene Philanthropy… AAMI Corporation is encouraging our team members and members of our clubs (Botticelli and Salvador club) to engage and join charity and humanitarian organizations as well as civil initiatives. Some of them are: Mentoring programme Learn from the best (Institute Ypsilon), Global Shapers Hub (The World Economic Forum) and The United Nations Association of Slovenia – World Federation of United Nations Associations…

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