We sponsored artist Jur Samec on exhibition “Extravagante AAMI Welt Wien”.

The painter Jur Samec found his artistic expression during the studies at Arthouse, College for Visual Arts in Ljubljana. His expression became abstract painting which usually takes a complex research of Fine Arts along with personal growth. He knew from the very beginning what he wants in his art and is still following his path. He doesn’t need to ask what instead he is constantly completing the answers on how. Jur Samec is a person of action and he feels the media of his creation. He allows the media to interact and gives them the role in his art area. This paintings don’t need a strickt art historical comparative analysis; unique like he is no special -ism is needed to identify with. Ideas and motifs are taken from everyday life, yet even from a more primary state- being. His topics are not socially critical nor fashionable sensations, they are momentary emotions and impressions which are recorded (he records) for eternity. Jur is also member of AAMI Salvador club from February 2017.

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